500g / 17.6oz Value Package – Whole Bean Vietnamese Coffee, the Gourmet Coffee Choice


Vietnamese Coffee is all about enjoying and carefully using the available time for things that matter. Like Coffee! The brewing process can be better described as a ceremony, much like wine, Vietnamese Coffee supposed to be a communicative and binding experience, therefore we recommend to use the traditional method of brewing the coffee, using the traditional Vietnamese Coffee Filter.

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Product Description

Our mission is not only to produce the finest gourmet coffee made in Vietnam, but also to support the local farm community in the highlands. We work directly with local coffee farmers to ensure high quality coffee processing and hand select the best coffee available.


Low Acid Coffee – our slow roasted low acidic coffee is the best choice for coffee connoisseurs with chronical heartburn and acid reflux.

Dark Roast Coffee – need a wake-up call? This is for you, due to the higher content of caffeine you will generate an energy boost which carries you thru the day.

Fair Trade Coffee – Our Farm 2 Cup approach ensures not only a high quality coffee, but also sustains the livelihood of local farmers in Vietnam. With every purchase you support coffee minorities in the highlands of Vietnam.

Gourmet Coffee Beans – Regardless if you are looking for the perfect gift or if you like to spice up your daily coffee habits, our Gourmet Coffee Beans tickle your taste buds to the max.

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