Traditional Vietnamese Stainless Steel Filter (Phin), size 8


Vietnamese Coffee is all about enjoying and carefully using the available time for things that matter. Like Coffee! The brewing process can be better described as a ceremony, much like wine, Vietnamese Coffee supposed to be a communicative and binding experience, therefore we recommend to use the traditional method of brewing the coffee, using the traditional Vietnamese Coffee Filter.

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Product Description

About the Vietnamese Coffee Filter 

Our high quality stainless steel coffee dripper is the choice of the locals. It is durable, long-lasting and easy to use. Some of the key features which makes our product unique are:

>> Single Serve Coffee Maker – whether you are in the office, the outdoors while camping or relax at home in the garden, our traditional Vietnamese Phin will combine you with not only a great coffee but also allows you to cautiously enjoy your time while brewing.
>> Free Brewing Guide and 50% Coffee Voucher – With every purchase you will receive a free of charge brewing guide on how to brew the perfect cup of drip coffee. This guide will show you how to use the Vietnamese phin correctly. Furthermore we add a special bonus. Receive a 50% coupon voucher for our signature Farmers Blend Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee..
>> The Locals choice – Our traditional Coffee Dripper is the top choice of the locals here in Vietnam, used for generations and proofed as excellent. The stainless steel pour over coffee makers can be cleaned in any dishwasher or just by pouring tap water.

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